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web downloader for bulk image, video and email downloading

Web Downloader Po

One-click to download images, videos, PDF files, and ZIP from a website. Support the whole website and keyword search modes.

Download Image pro
For Mac Os System

What Can Web Downloader Do?

Various Data Downloading

Supports downloads of all files from a website, including video, audio, images, pdfs, zip, embed URL,s and emails.

bulk zip and pdf file downloding.

Three working modes for web downloader

Three Modes are Available

SinglePage only for input URL;

The entire website mode analyzes all pages of a site. you can set the tires allowed for data extraction;

Search Engine mode works like an engine to crawl data on the internet with the given keyword;

Multi-links data crawling simultaneously

You can add and manage URLs and set the tires you want to get in the website mode.

Link editing for web video downloading

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