How to Encrypt Files

In our daily life, we often use types of confidential documents in various file formats and some folders, which are related to privacy on the computer. Some of them, we do not want to be seen by others or edited by others. In this situation, the best way is to encrypt files or hide them. 

Encrypt any files with file encryption software

The easiest way for file encryption is to use encryption software for file protection. Whether on windows or Mac, many software can help you encrypt files in clicks. They are designed to help you solve such troubles and support various file formats and document protection. 

Accbessoft File protection can help you to lock and encrypt any format files in clicks on Mac.

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Run the program and click add folder/file to input documents. Then select the files and click Lock or add a password.
In simply two steps, your files are locked and added a password for protection.

file protection for files

Use compressor software for encryption

Many compressor software, such as 7zip and Winrar, support not only compressing files but also adding a password during the compression. It is a good way for you if your files are not in large size. 

Here is an example of encrypting files with WinRAR. You can realize to add a password to compressed files. 

1, Right-click the files you want to compress and add a password, then choose the add to archive option.

2, Click the General tab. You will find the set password on the lower right. 

3, Click Set Password. It will pop up the password setting interface. You can set it to encrypt your documents.

When you compress the files, the original files are still there. To keep your document safe, you’d better delete them. Other compressors come with a similar process and interface for setting. You can easily add the password for any file.

Encrypt file with winrar

Encrypt files based on the Windows system

In the windows system, you can also protect any files without the help of a third-party tool, including word, pdf, images, and folders. 

1, Right-click the File or folder you want to add the password ad press the Properties option at the bottom.

2, Click the general tab on the new popup.

3, Click the advanced option at the bottom. And you will enter the advanced Attributes. 

4, You will see Encrypt contacts to secure data. Select this option and click OK

5, Click Apply and OK to encrypt files.

encrypt file with windows system setting

Document Encryption with Microsoft

Most of us use Microsoft for work. Using Microsoft for word, excel, and pdf document encryption would be an easy and convenient way.

1, Open your document in word (Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF)and click the File button. 

2, Click the info tab on the left. Then you click protect document option on the right side.

3, You will find encrypt with password on the menu. There will be an interface for adding a password when you click it.

4, Set your password and click OK. Then you will find you have to visit the document with a password.

encrypt files with microsoft

For the Mac system, you can find protect document option on the top under the review tab.

Also, you can choose another method for adding the password with Microsoft with the Windows system.

1, Open your word document and click File.

2, Click save as. On the Save as prompt, click Tools.

3, Click the General option on the dropdown.

4, Set the password on the General option and Click OK.

Use Adobe for PDF encryption.

For PDF files, you can also use Adobe to add a password to them.

1, Click Tool, then find Protect on the dropdown and click it to enter a new interface.

2, Click Encrypt and then select the Encrypt with password option.

If you use the Mac system, you can also use the built-in preview to add the password to your PDFs like this — click the File on the left-top, then press export and select the option Encrypt on the new prompt.