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File Protector

Hide and encrypt files for your file protection and privacy safe.

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For the Mac OS system

What File Protector Can Do?

Lock your files for protection.

Hide your files, folders, and applications on your computer.

Encrypt the program with a password. You have to input a password to run it.

There are two versions available. Both options support hiding and locking files. But the Pro version has more advanced options for file encryption, including “AES” encryption in a more secure and faster way.

How to Use File Protection

1, Run the program and click add folder/file

2, Select the files you want for protection to lock the file. Once your files are locked, they will hide from your Mac computer. You have to visit them through the program.

3, You can also add a password to the program to limit access to the software. Click “require password” to add a password, and click OK and exit file protection. You have to input the password to access it.

Why Do You Need File Protection for Your Files?

Keep your work safe

Many files are essential to your work. Encrypting them can protect them from being edited, deleted, and data leakage.

Protect Your Property

To avoid forgetting some vital information in our daily lives, we usually record it on our computers, such as our transfer passwords or bank card passwords. In this condition, we encrypt the file to ensure its safety.

Protect your privacy

In modern society, our computers would have many private documents, such as videos, photos, and other documents. Encrypting them can efficiently protect our privacy.

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