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File Date Changer

File Date Changer to change your file creation and modification time on Mac.

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For the Mac OS system


How to Use the File Data Changer on Mac


It is simple to use to program.
Run it on your Mac computer and add the files.

Then you can click the file to select it and change the files on the right button or set the time and one click to apply changes to all files.


The difference between the creation and modification time


Creation time is the first time a file appears on the partition. When you copy and paste to another partition on your computer, it will change the creation time. But when you cut the file for paste, it will not change the creation time. The changes of the time usually mean that there are file copies that exist.


Modification time means you have changes to the files. When you change the content of the files, your computer has to rewrite the data. Thus when you save the files, it changes the modification time.


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